Terms and Conditions of “JACKPOT JUNE”

All rummyadda.com customers are eligible to participate

This promotion begins at 00:00:01 on 03/06/2019 and ends on 19/06/2019 23:59:59

The Leaderboard will be updated every day @ 6PM

Final Results will be announced on 20th June 2019 @ 6PM

Minimun tables to Qualify : 30 Tables

Minimum Deposit : Rs 500/-

Deposit Period : 3rd June to 8th June

Play any of the below tables to qualify:

POINTS : Rs 2/- and above

POOLS : Rs 50/- and above

DEALS : Rs 50/- and above

Dropped Games will not be Counted

A player needs to play a minimum of 12 days and 30+ games each day during the offer period, to qualify.

Player who plays the highest no of games will be the winner.

Mal practice and bonus abuse will result in disqualification.

Management reserves the right to edit or change this promotion at any point of time during the promotion.

This is a Limited period offer and all standard website Terms and conditions apply.

Players from Telangana,Kerala,Assam & Odisha cannot participate in the offer.


IMPORTANT NOTE: All Players participating in the “JACKPOT JUNE” contest, must have their address validated with Rummy Adda.

Username No of Games Played Prize's
Yasashwi63 7116 "1Plus7" Mobile Phone
Shivraj2 7098 Bluestar Ac (1.5 Ton)
Sebastian 6992 Bosch Washing Machine (Front Load)
Thakurraj 6854 Bosch Washing Machine (Top Load)
Kungfu 6685 Samsung Refrigirator (Double Door)
Veer123 6540 Samsung Refrigirator (Single Door)
Diamond 6533 Micromax 32" TV
Tagore 6432 Micromax 32" TV
Hussain256 5942 Samsung M20 Mobile Phone
Arora22 5906 Samsung M20 Mobile Phone
Pavan007 5422 IFB Microwave Oven
Khanna 5410 IFB Microwave Oven
Stag 5169 IFB Microwave Oven
King789 5003 IFB Microwave Oven
PRAVEENYNK 4713 IFB Microwave Oven
Biker123 4598 Eureka Fobes Vaccum Cleaner
Minni 4255 Eureka Fobes Vaccum Cleaner
Rummystar 4169 Eureka Fobes Vaccum Cleaner
Krish4621 3847 Eureka Fobes Vaccum Cleaner
Janitpatel 3571 Eureka Fobes Vaccum Cleaner
Pammu77 3212 Pigeon Induction Stove
lion 3198 Pigeon Induction Stove
Pudipattla 2735 Pigeon Induction Stove
Cycle 2726 Pigeon Induction Stove
Kings 2703 Pigeon Induction Stove
Naresh456 2658 Prestige Rice Cooker
Chandrakumar 2563 Prestige Rice Cooker
sris 2381 Prestige Rice Cooker
Adapa12345 2139 Prestige Rice Cooker
Indrasiva 1984 Prestige Rice Cooker

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